About Us

About Us

Subacute rehabilitation caters for people discharged from hospital but who still require extra medical care. Subacute care serves to transition the patient from the hospital to home and assist them in their recuperation process. Med-Step sub-acute rehabilitation Clinic caters for patients with medical, surgical, neurological, ventilator, tracheostomy, high care and any other rehabilitation needs

Med-Step offers a caring and controlled environment. We have 24 single rooms and 3 double rooms with televisions (DSTV) air conditioning, wall oxygen and wall suction units for each bed. Med-step makes provision for patient’s in isolation and is registered for high care and ventilation patients.

Med-Step sub-acute rehabilitation is a unique sub-acute health care complex that incorporates multiple levels of sub-acute services into one building. The clinic is led by a team of multidisciplinary staff of specialized physicians and experienced caregivers, including nurses, nutritionists, and rehabilitation therapists. Our primary focus is to provide care, support and community developmental services to people affected by chronic illnesses and those who need care post operations. We serve patients that are covered by medical aid as well as privately paying patients. We provide the highest quality of care in the field of medical and physical rehabilitation, along with gastronomy feeds, nasogastric feeds, oxygen and intravenous therapy, tracheotomy care, wound care and long-term ventilator care.


Med-Step Clinic will strive to be the leading sub-acute rehabilitation centre in the Pretoria and would like to be the provider of choice, in fulfilling this role we will;
• Attract and enhance relationships with the most well qualified healthcare professionals and staff.
• Demonstrate excellent clinical quality , service quality and value.
• Foster a culture of superb clinical and operational performance, as well as responsive and compassionate care.
• Provide distinguished programs and services of excellence that build upon a tradition of medical education and community service.

In the pursuit of this Vision , the actions of leadership and staff will be guided by the following values;
• Excellence
• Teamwork & Collaboration
• Respect
• Compassion

Our Philosophy

As a Med-Step nurse , we support the mission and core values of Med-Step Clinic, consistently, striving to provide our patients individualized nursing care with compassion and respects for the dignity and uniqueness of every individual with attention to the cultural and ethnic diversity of patients and their significant of others.

Through our commitment to provide safe quality care, we believe that the professional nurse works autonomously and collaboratively with others to promote the health of individual , families and our community. As a patient advocate, the nurse will work with others to facilitate growth and needed changes in the healthcare delivery system by evaluating and utilizing research findings.

Using effective communication as the cornerstone of collaboration, we encourage and facilitate this modality to create a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth.

Core Beliefs

Nursing is a caring profession based upon the physical, biological and behavioural sciences.

Nursing is a profession with structured knowledge that provides the rationale for both the tasks and the outcomes sought.

Nurses are key partners of the healthcare team whose focus is the quality of care.

The patient and family define the centre of our care model, in conjunction with our philosophy of nursing.

We believe that

•Nursing is accountable for delivering competent and compassionate services; base on its professional practice on the flexible framework provided by the Nurse Scope of Practice Act and Standards. Nurses have the right and the responsibility to participate in the decision making processes that influence our nursing practice.
• Nursing values and supports our partnerships with all members of the healthcare team in providing patient care along the continuum.
• Nursing creates an environment that fosters health promotions and optimum levels of wellness through patient and family health education.
• Nursing coordinates and provides direct care services along the continuum, encompassing care, treatment , counsel and health teaching.
• Nursing actively participates in the assessment, planning, implementation, and the organization.
• Nursing manages the use of all resources cognizant of fiscal and quality implications.
• Nursing supports an empowered nursing force demonstrated by ownership pf practice. All nursing evolves , roles continually change ; at Med- Step Clinic , nursing will champion this growth process through active participation in professional organizations, research , and collaboration with others to impact the health of the patient.


Med-Step Clinic is a non profit, independent, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Centre which is committed to :
• Leadership and excellence in delivering quality healthcare services.
• Striving to improve the health status of our community and patients.
• Quality patient care is our priority.
• Providing excellent clinical and service quality, offering compassionate care, and a supporting hand is essential to our mission. This mission inspires devotion towards healing and caring that we give to our patients and staff.